Top 9 Employee Engagement Survey Questions in 2021

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Asking the right questions on your employee engagement survey can help set your organization up for success in 2021 and beyond. If your organization needs to optimize your employee engagement survey, Taskly can help!

According to a recent HubSpot report, 69% of employees say they’d work harder if they were better appreciated. Did you know that your organization can utilize an employee engagement survey to measure strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats?

Conducting an employee engagement survey, annually, can help your team understand the organizational perception of employees and how this perception is impacting performance. Engaged employees have been shown to exceed KPI’s and have the ability to impact the bottom line. According to Gallup, engaged employees are “those who are involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work and workplace.” How would a more engaged workforce impact your organization’s culture?

A healthy culture and employee engagement go hand-in-hand. Taking the time to create, deploy, and measure an employee engagement survey will communicate to employees that their voices are heard and allow your organization to make changes to improve culture and recognize achievements.

If you do not have an employee engagement survey or want to optimize your existing one, here are 9 questions to ask in 2021.

Do you have access to technology and equipment to perform your job from home?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way many organizations conduct business. If your employees have been thrown into remote work, it is important to understand how working from home has impacted their ability to perform. Do they have the right equipment, access to technology, and bandwidth to be successful?

Do you receive meaningful recognition for performing good work?

McKinsey Motivating People survey found that praise and commendation from managers were rated the top motivators for employee performance by 67% of workers, beating out other non-cash and financial incentives. Meaningful employee recognition does not need to equate to a large financial expense; employees just want to be acknowledged for going above and beyond. Do your employees feel recognized?

Check out these 5 budget-friendly ideas for employee recognition on the Taskly blog.

Are you comfortable providing feedback to management?

Quality feedback can help push your organization and departments further. It is critical to make sure that all employees are comfortable providing both positive and negative feedback to management. In fact, Gallup reports that employees whose managers regularly communicate with them are nearly three times more engaged than those with managers who don’t regularly communicate. Identifying communication barriers and addressing them is a quick way to improve performance.

What would help you to be more productive working from home?

Due to the pandemic, 62% of US workers are now working from home. If your organization has shifted to remote work, how can you provide additional resources and support to help employees make the transition and stay productive? Keep in mind that engagement does not stop at the office door. Your organization is still responsible for keeping employees engaged, even if they are working from home.

Does your manager provide you with enough support?

A recent Korn Ferry survey found that 56% of employees are unmotivated by their boss. Motivation starts by providing employees with support to complete their job. If your organization does not provide employees with support both on-the-job and outside of work, chances are they will find an organization that will.

Do you look forward to coming to work each morning?

Did you know that only 42% of U.S. employees look forward to going to work in the morning? Creating a positive experience for employees, whether in-person or remote, will drastically improve performance.

Do you plan to be at this company in the next two years?

Asking employees this question is a great way to find out if they believe there is room for growth. Employees want to be challenged and be rewarded with opportunities for growth. Do your employees feel like they have reached the ceiling within your organization? What can you do to provide “growth” incentives?

How prominent is office politics in the workplace?

According to a recent study, 53% of workers think playing workplace politics could get them promoted. Having a culture based on workplace politics is dangerous to both employee morale and the growth of your organization. Using your employee engagement survey to identify workplace politics can help boost morale and create a fair process for promotion and growth.

Are you satisfied with the current benefits the company offers?

Available benefits are quickly becoming just as, if not more, important than salary requirements. Asking this question on your employee engagement survey can benefit both employee retention and future hiring.

The COVID-19 pandemic is also challenging organizations, just like yours, to think outside the box when it comes to benefits. A 2020 MetLife Employee Benefit Trends study found that 59% of employees say their employers are providing benefits and programs to support and improve their well-being during the pandemic. What benefits can your organization provide to enrich the lives of employees?

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Understanding what empowers, engages, enables, and enhances your employee’s experience within your organization is important. Taskly, an outsourced HR solution, can help your organization create and optimize your employee engagement survey to yield the most actionable insights. Get started today by submitting your first task.

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