3 Ways Outsourcing HR Tasks Can Improve Small Business Hiring Processes

Finding a strategic partner to assist with HR tasks can take your small business hiring processes to the next level. Here are three ways outsourcing your HR projects can accelerate your business practices.

Creating strategies and developing processes for hiring qualified talent is crucial for your small business. Recruiting and hiring top talent can push your business to the next level and accelerate growth. If hiring and executing HR tasks, strategically, is a challenge, you are not alone.

According to a 2021 Future of Work study, performed by Gartner, 37% of small business executives struggle to adapt talent strategies and processes to align with changes in the market. In order to stay ahead of hiring trends and meet employee expectations, it is key that you review and optimize your HR outputs regularly. If time is of the essence, or you do not have the resources to hire an HR staff internally, outsourcing HR tasks can help fill the gap, maintain compliance, and increase competitive advantage.

Still on the fence about outsourcing HR tasks? here are three ways partnering with an outside organization can improve your hiring processes.

Outsourcing HR Tasks Can Keep You Competitive

Each year, the market to hire qualified talent becomes increasingly competitive. Potential job candidates expect organizations to provide more than just their salary and benefit requirements. To most job prospects, culture is just as important as financial gain. In fact, a Job Seeker National Study found that 47% of active job seekers cite company culture as their driving reason for looking for work.  How is your organization communicating culture, values, goals, and benefits to potential candidates?

Communicating culture, values, goals, and benefits requires an active HR presence. Outsourcing HR tasks can help your organization review documentation, maintain compliance, and identify opportunities for improvement. On-demand outsourced HR solutions like Taskly can help your organization with deliverables such as employee handbook review, new hire paperwork, onboarding and more.

Using a service like Taskly can help your organization complete HR-related goals, save money and resources, and focus on optimizing other business variables to differentiate.

Outsourcing HR Tasks Can Save Resources

Saving resources and controlling costs is important for any business, but even more critical in the small business sector. According to Paycor, 70% of small business spending is on human labor, and salaries are usually the largest expense. A report published by ADP also exposed that, on average, small businesses spend $18,800 per year to have untrained staff manage HR tasks. How is your organization controlling costs while focusing on performance?

Outsourcing HR tasks can save your organization both money and time, two key resources for small businesses focused on growth. Working with an on-demand, low-friction HR solution like Taskly can provide your organization with access to SHRM-certified HR experts to help complete a plethora of instrumental tasks. Within Taskly, your team can easily track the progress of submitted HR tasks and add additional tasks for completion.

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Outsourcing HR Tasks Can Keep You Compliant

One of the most important reasons to stay up-to-date on HR documentation is compliance. As an executive at a small business, you may find that keeping up with new regulations and changing laws can be daunting. In order to protect your business from litigation in the future, compliance must be taken seriously.

Outsourcing HR tasks can help your organization stay compliant and find loopholes within your current HR documentation, such as your I-9s and employee handbook. Taskly can help your organization stay compliant by providing access to SHRM-certified HR experts who stay up-to-date on current regulations.

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As a small business, it can be challenging to complete HR tasks when wearing multiple hats. Taskly can help your organization get HR tasks done quickly and efficiently. Working with Taskly allows your business to stay competitive, save resources, and remain compliant. To learn more about Taskly and the HR services provided, visit Taskly.com today.

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