Small Business HR: Top 5 Tools to Improve Performance, Productivity, and Efficiency

Small Business HR: Top 5 Tools to Improve Performance, Productivity, and Efficiency

Check out these 5 tools that can help small businesses improve HR performance, productivity and efficiency.

Regardless of an organization’s size, Human Resources (HR) is an important function that cannot be overlooked. Investing in the right tools can help a small business with compliance, payroll, recruitment, retention, payroll,  performance management, engagement, compliance, and more.

To help small businesses, we compiled a list of our top 5 tools for improving HR performance, productivity, and engagement. Our recommendations are below.

HR Expertise Provider

Getting the most value from available resources is especially important for small businesses. According to Glassdoor, small businesses that invest in a strong candidate experience increase the quality of hires by 70%.  Partnering with an HR Expertise Provider can help an organization gain access to HR experts on-demand who can assist with both recruitment and retention. HR Expertise Providers, like Taskly, are helping small businesses complete essential projects such as reviewing employee handbooks, developing policies to establish workplace culture, focusing on diversity and inclusion, posting and reviewing job descriptions, and much more. Working with an HR Expertise Provider allows a small business to focus on other critical business functions while assuring that HR projects are being completed efficiently.

HR Information System (HRIS)

For growing small businesses, implementing an HR Information System can provide several strategic benefits. Investing in technology has been shown to improve business processes. In fact, according to a recent study, 97% of HR leaders plan to increase their investment in HR technology. The benefits of an HR Information System include record-keeping, reporting, compliance, benefits administration, and efficiency. There are many HR Information Systems available and the best choice for an organization depends on its size, structure, process, and goals.

For organizations interested in identifying and implementing an HR Information System, utilizing an HR Expertise Provider may make strategic sense as they can help determine the most viable solution.

Payroll Processing Service

There is nothing more deflating to the morale of a workforce than not being paid on time. Investing in a Payroll Processing Service can help a small business avoid missing paydays while streamlining the overall process. Outsourcing payroll processing can save an organization money. Companies that outsource payroll save, on average, 18% over businesses that tackle it themselves.

Recruiting Platforms and Job Boards

Finding reliable talent is a problem many businesses are currently facing. According to a ManpowerGroup survey, 72.8% of employers are having a difficult time finding skilled candidates and 45% are concerned about finding employees with the necessary talents to be successful. Luckily, there are many recruiting platforms and job boards available that can help small businesses reach job candidates. A few of the leading recruiting sites that small businesses should explore are Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn Job Search, Simply Hired, and CareerBuilder.

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Employee Engagement Tools

Every year, employee engagement increases in importance. This is because many organizations are competing for talent and retention is becoming more challenging than ever before. People want to work for businesses that appreciate them, enrich their lives with value, and allow them to grow personally and professionally. Small businesses that effectively engage employees also have the potential to positively impact bottom line. According to a report, published by Gallup, employee engagement boosts productivity by 17%, reduces absenteeism by 41%, increases sales by 20%, and improves profitability by 21%.

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Small businesses can improve the efficiency and productivity of their HR activities by investing in and implementing tools and partnerships that align with strategy. A few tools that organizations may want to consider are an HR Information System (HRIS), Payroll Processing Service, Recruiting Platforms and Job Boards, Employee Engagement Tools, and working with an HR Expertise Provider.

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